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Montessori Integrationskindergarten München Ost e.V. In the Montessori Integrated kindergarten Munich East (MIMO e.V.), 15 children with and without disabilities attend from the age of 3 until they start school.


Special Olympics Bayern, Bayerischer Landesverband SOBY Special Olympics (SO) is one of the worldwide biggest sportive movements, acknowledged from the IOC (International Olympic Committee) for mentally and multiple disabled people.


At FLÜB&S unaccompanied minor refugees obtain the opportunity to acquire the qualified certificate of secondary school. The participants are intensively tutored in German as their foreign language. Based on their


Teestube is a service for single, adult women and men whose special circumstances in live are associated with social difficulties. Social workers provide assistance to eliminate homelessness and help in


KIKUS, the center for multilingual competencies of children is a nonprofit organization, made up of a team of professionals and parents who support children growing up in a multilingual environment.


SchlaU provides schooling for unaccompanied minor refugees. Its tasks range from building and strengthening the personality of the often traumatized youngsters, to helping them acquire literacy skills, to subsequently learning