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Punctually as in every beginning new Lions year, on the first club evening of our LC München Multinational – July 8, 2019 – the ceremonial handing over of the presidential office, including all associated insignia, took place in the “Munich Augustiner”.

With a great participation of our members as well as of Lions of our “godchild” the LC Munich Mare Nostrum, our former president Kadir handed over the baton to LF Nina, who now holds the sceptre for the coming year in her hands. Kadir has reported in detail about events, successes and achievements of his Lions year; from Nina, we have got to know in detail about all activities planned for the upcoming year.

All the members join me here to thank Kadir again warmly for his excellent 2018-19 Lions year.

Thank you, as well as good luck and success, to Nina for her upcoming year!